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Product Description

MagnaLatch ALERT Gate Latch Top Pull Model & Vertical Pull Model – Introduction by Laurie Lawrence


MagnaLatch ALERT Gate Latch Top Pull Model & Vertical Pull Model Installation Video


The world’s first and only integrated safety gate latch and alarm!

The MagnaLatch® ALERT sets entirely new levels for safety gates around swimming pools, childcare centres, schools, homes, or wherever child safety is critical.
The MagnaLatch® ALERT offers dual electronic warnings: bright, flashing LED lights and an audible alarm that sounds if a gate is opened or left unlatched. So, you can see at a glance and hear from a distance if your gate is not secured.
The “Vertical Pull” model offers protection on pet security and general-purpose gates around the home and garden. A single beep upon opening warns of visitors or intruders.
The MagnaLatch® ALERT is the ultimate safety gate latch, and the ideal alert device for when you can’t turn your back for a second.


  • NEW Visual unlatched alarm
  • NEW Audible unlatched alarm
  • At-a-glance Lock Indicator
  • Re-keyable lock for extra security & convenience
  • Magnetic latching always engages, can’t jam
  • Easy installation, with no special tools
  • Fits to metal and wood gates
  • Trusted to protect toddlers for over 25 years
  • Includes battery, screws, keys, owner’s manual, and installation instructions


  • Visual “unlatched” alarm: Flashing LED lights give visual notification if the latch is opened and the gate is left unlatched.
  • Audible “unlatched” alarm: Hear from a distance whether the gate is opened or left unlatched. A single beep on each gate opening will turn to full alarm after 15 seconds if the gate is left unlatched.
  • Safer, ergonomic lift knob: With its new design, the lift knob is now more child resistant than ever.
  • Visible Lock Indicator: Shows you at-a-glance whether MagnaLatch is locked or unlocked. Simple peace of mind.
  • Re-keyable Security Lock: The 6-pin lock can be re-keyed to match other locks around the property, making safety more convenient.
  • Product traceability: Proven superior quality manufacturing.
  • T-track innovation: Both latch body and striker offer superior fixing strength and unsurpassed quality.
  • Built-in post cap spacing: No more need for separate post cap spacers.
  • Industry leading magnetic technology: Tested to 2 million cycles.
  • Easier adjustment: The innovative vertical and horizontal adjustment makes MagnaLatch even simpler to install and adjust for ground shift or gate sag.
  • Permanent magnet sealed from the elements.
  • Alignment indicators: Now you know when your gate is in proper alignment and makes adjusting for gate sag even easier.
  • Improved drainage in latch & striker: Sloping feature channels water out.
  • High collar under light knob prevents water entry.
  • Industry’s greatest gate/post movement tolerance.
  • Protective shroud: Shroud over key helps prevent water entry into the lock cylinder.
  • Space under lift knob: Helps prevent freezing to top housing.


  • For: Gates 60″ (1500mm) or higher
  • Gate gap: 1/2″-1-1/2″ (13-38mm)
  • Gate material: Vinyl, Wood, Metal
  • Security: Key Lockable


  • Child safety gates, pet security, general-purpose gates around the home and garden
Colours Available:
  • Black

Installation Guide:
Click to view the installation guide
“Vertical Pull” Series 3 Installation Guide

Download the D&D Technologies Gate Hardware Catalog. | French version available.

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Weight 1.600 lbs