Make glass railing installations a breeze

TILT-LOCK™ is a state-of-the-art patented technology that allows you to easily tilt adjust glass panels by forward or backward for quick, precise alignment of frameless glass railings. Frameless refers to a glass railing without any posts or handrails, thus allowing for an unobstructed view of your surroundings.

TILT-LOCK™ offers a wide range of options, including our 3 main categories: Base Shoes, Spigots, and Glass Standoffs. Whether you are considering frameless glass railings for your balcony, pool fencing, or stairways and landings, there’s bound to be something suitable for your exterior or interior projects.

Our TILT-LOCK™ line is sleek and modern with different finishes to complement your home or office décor as well as outdoor environment. Base Shoes are available in Clear Anodized Aluminum, Black Anodized Aluminum, and Stainless Steel cladding. Spigots are available in Satin, Powder Coated Black, PVD Graphite Black, and PVD Matte Black Stainless Steel. Standoffs come in the same finishes as Spigots with PVD Gold finish in select sizes.

Choose TILT-LOCK™ for your next project!

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