Vitigno 1-2-3 Wine Pegs

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Product Description

Our wall-mounted Wine Pegs offer a refined and functional wine storage system to professional trades, architects, interior designers, and handy homeowners. They hold 750mL standard bottles and add a modern touch and high-quality finish to your wine cellar or wall with our precision-made, patented systems.

This series of Vitigno 1-2-3 Wine Pegs is available in 3 finishes and 3 designs. Download Brochure and Configurations & Installation Instructions below.

Choose your desired Finish by clicking on the colour chip above, then select the Design (Vitigno 1, 2, or 3) from the dropdown menu above.

Product Options:
WC601010A – Vitigno 1 in Aluminum finish.
WC601900B – Vitigno 1 in Matte Black finish.
WC601165G – Vitigno 1 in Gold finish.

  • Dimensions = 3 3/8″L x 3/4″W.
  • Each box includes 6 pairs of pegs.
  • Stores 6 bottles, 1 per pair.

WC602010A – Vitigno 2 in Aluminum finish.
WC602900B – Vitigno 2 in Matte Black finish.
WC602165G – Vitigno 2 in Gold finish.

  • Dimensions = 7 1/16″L x 3/4″W.
  • Each box includes 3 pairs of pegs.
  • Stores 6 bottles, 2 per pair.

WC603010A – Vitigno 3 in Aluminum finish.
WC603900B – Vitigno 3 in Matte Black finish.
WC603165G – Vitigno 3 in Gold finish.

  • Dimensions = 11 13/16″L x 3/4″W.
  • Each box includes 2 pairs of pegs.
  • Stores 6 bottles, 3 per pair.


  • Solid Anodized Aluminum material.
  • Pegs are designed to support the bottle by the neck and bottom with the bottle parallel to the wall.
  • There is 1 JCB-B bolt and 1 spring lock washer per peg.
  • Silicone rubber O-rings are pre-installed on the pegs.
  • Screws are included along with spring lock washer to help maintain the pegs tightly in place. No visible hardware.
  • Fully customizable configurations and easy to install the pegs according to our recommended layout or create your own.
  • Freedom to design a complete wine cellar or a simple wall panel to hang in your kitchen to your exact specifications.




Additional Information

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A – Aluminum, MB – Matte Black, G – Gold


Vitigno 1, Vitigno 2, Vitigno 3