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Product Description

The reliable and long lasting GSB gate closer is ideal for closing gates up to 175 lbs. (80kg). Simply weld the brackets to the gate and post and fit the closer the brackets.


  • Adaptable – The closer comes with weld-on brackets for fitting to a range of different gate types.
  • Reliable – A proven closer that has been closing gates regularly for many years.
  • Adjustable force – No need to release gas; the closer can be moved along the brackets to increase or decrease the force. This means the strength of the close can be adjusted.
  • From experience, these closers can close much heavier gates if the hinges are free running. Contact us if you are unsure on your particular gate.
  • Easy to fit – Adjustable brackets also mean there is no need to compress the strut when fitting to a gate.

Product Details:

Max gate weight 175 lbs. (80kg)
Max gate size 8′ 2″ high x 4′ wide (2500mm high x 1200mm wide)
End fittings M10 elbow joints; fitted with steel rod protection tube
Finish Black finish (corrosion-resistant black stained zinc)
Center-to-center 2′ 7 3/16″ (792mm)
Stroke length 9 7/16″ (240mm)
Force 300N


  1. WARNING: Do not weld brackets with closer fitted as this could damage the seals.
  2. Weld the brackets supplied in positions relative to the center of the hinge as shown.
  3. Close the gate and secure the strut to the slotted bracket and the long bracket using the shakeproof washers and nuts provided.
  4. Washer positions are as shown – use spanner supplied to hold ball joint.
  5. To increase or decrease the force exerted on the gate, re-position the strut on the long bracket as required.

The piston rod is protected by a steel cover tube.
The piston rod should not be lubricated or damaged in any way as this will reduce the life of the seals.
Periodically lubricate the ball joints with a light oil and clean the surface of the gas strut with a damp cloth.

Download the Weld-on Gate Closing Strut Spec Sheet.

Additional Information

Weight 3.858 lbs