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Product Description

A 4 oz. can of Everbrite Protective Coating will restore and protect about 25 sq. ft. of metal.
Your old, faded, painted metal will look new again! Unpainted metals will stay looking new!
  • Restore the colour and lustre of faded painted surfaces.
  • Protect metal from tarnish, fading, rust, corrosion, and oxidation.
  • Metal siding, storage doors, garage doors, painted roofs, signs, anodized aluminum, trailers, equipment, and other metal.
  • Keep copper and brass looking new – weathervanes, cupolas, copper roofs, copper gutters, sculptures, finials, and more.
  • Seal rusted metal to prevent drips and stains.

*Keep any coating left over after your project in a sealed container and it will last indefinitely for touch-ups or other projects.


Click here to download the Everbite & ProtectaClear Quick Reference Guide.
For instructions and further information, please click here.
For Everbrite product FAQs, browse here.

Everbrite Coating is available in Satin finish as a special order. Most surfaces look best with the clear finish of Everbrite; however, there are some surfaces that look better with a finish with less sheen. For example, rusted metal and some garage doors. If you would like to special order the Satin finish, please Contact Us.

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Weight 0.800 lbs