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42.650 lbs

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Product Description


  • Fast: the gate can be opened and closed in just 19 seconds*.
  • Safe: precise maneuvers, thanks to built-in opening and closing limit stops. In the event of blackout, easy opening of the gate from the top part of the motor thanks to the release keys.
  • Simple: pre-wired motor for simplified connection. Thanks to the adjustable fixing brackets, no welding is required.


Operating limits:

Product Code ARIA400/V1
90° opening time* 18 sec
Number of maneuvers (cycles/hour) 30
Type of gate Wood – PVC – Aluminum – Iron
Max. leaf dimensions and weight 4.5 m / 450 kg
Power supply (Vdc) 24
Torque (Nm) 1400
Useful travel (mm) 450
Motor dimensions L x W x H (mm) 846 x 98 x 90
Motor weight (kg) 6
Working temperature  -20 +55 (°C min/max)
Protection level (IP) 44
Warranty 3 years
Pack dimensions L x W x H (mm) 93 x 23 x 27

*Excluding acceleration and deceleration zones. 

Each Aria 400 kit contains:

Two-leaf swing gate with 2 Aria 400M worm screw motors, fixing brackets, and 3 release keys included
2 Ecco5 radio remote controls, 4 keys, to control motors in the new Nice Home and Mhouse ranges
1 PH200 Pair of ECSBus positionable photocells, designed for insertion of an optional lighting module
1 FL200 Positionable LED light with built-in aerial
1 CLB203 Control unit

Optional Accessories: (sold separately)

ECCO5BW Radio remote control 4 keys

Colour: black with white keys

ECCO5WP Radio remote control 4 keys

Colour: white with pink keys

DS100 Backlit radio keypad, 13 keys. To control up to 3 automations or groups of automations. Battery powered
SOLEKIT Solar power system to automate even gates located at a distance from main electricity
PHW200 Pair of radio photocells, with batteries
LM100 Lighting module for PH200 photocells: improved visibility for transit areas (sold singly)
WM100 Module for connecting wireless accessories to your automation
FLW200 Wireless flashing light, with built-in solar power supply
PR100 24 V buffer battery


Additional Information

Weight 42.650 lbs