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Product Description

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The Gapless Keep is a slimline device that fits between the gate and the post, acting as both a gate stop and a strike for the lock. This keep works with any of our Gatemaster locks that work on a latch.


  • Slim profile enables a small gap between gate and post.
  • Improves gate appearance – narrow profile blends in well with the gate.
  • Versatile – simple and easy to fit to a wide range of applications.
  • The keep has a stainless steel strike plate with a black powder coated stop, incorporating 2 rubber bump stops to ensure the gate makes minimal noise when shutting.
  • The keep is designed to fit to a box section gate post by simply drilling 2 x 15mm holes and screwing on using the innovative expanding fasteners supplied.


  1. Drill 2 x 15mm dia. holes at 140mm centers in the gate post for 2 x expanding fasteners.
  2. Cut a slot in the post to receive the latch at a minimum of 18mm wide.
  3. Insert expanding fasteners through the post bracket into the post, adjust as necessary, and tighten with 5mm Allen key.

Download the Superlock Bolt-on Gapless Keep Spec Sheet.

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Weight 0.950 lbs