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Product Description

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A secure locking dropbolt, which is easy to fit to the gate with our expanding fasteners. Used on double gates, once the dropbolt is in the ground, the locking plate is rotated around the edge of the gate. Once the second gate is closed, the dropbolt cannot be lifted.


  • Robust – Strongly constructed from galvanised steel, also available with a stainless steel bolt.
  • Easy to fit – Needs just two 15mm holes in the gate and fixed with the expanding fasteners provided.
  • Adaptable – Fits left and right hand gates.
  • Innovative and secure – Once the dropbolt is lowered and rotated, closing the second gate prevents the dropbolt being unlocked.
  • 19mm bolt that has 140mm movement.


  1. Drill 2 x 15mm holes, 20mm from the leading edge of the gate at 140mm centers, and fix the dropbolt guide to the gate with the 2 expanding fasteners supplied.
  2. Fit the small location pin into the most suitable of the 3 location holes with the smaller screw provided.
  3. Slide the dropbolt into the dropbolt guide, with the location pin facing into the back corner and then twist into position.
  4. Fix the lift plate to the dropbolt in the correct position with the screw provided.

Lubricate sliding parts when needed.

Download the Locking Dropbolt Spec Sheet here.

Additional Information

Weight 2.200 lbs