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Product Description

Expansion module for radius grinding on diverse stock such as pipes, square tubes, flat materials, and profiles.

GRIT GX 75 2H + GXR + GXE + GXC + GXW Abrasive Notching System Installation & Demo Video
GRIT GX 75 2H + GXR + GXC + GXW Abrasive Notching System Demo Video
GRIT GX 75 2H + GXR + GXE Abrasive Notching System Demo Video
Grinding precise radii on tubes is a matter of the right machine: With the easily-mounted EQGXR radius grinding module, the EQGX752H belt grinding base unit quickly becomes a professional radius grinding machine. Depth stop, cross slide, and fast clamping are standard equipment. This makes accurate coping really simple – and much easier to handle.
  • Time saving: Tool-free clamping of work pieces.
  • Precise: With integrated depth stop.
  • Durable: Vise with stainless steel jaws.
  • Convenient: Fast action vise for round and square tubes and solid material. Easily adjusts for offset copes.
  • Safe: A water-filled dust container assures safe quenching of hot chips and sparks.
  • Practical: Rack for contact roller storage.
  • Mobile: 4 steerable casters provide easy handling.
  • Includes: 1 contact roller 1 11/16″ (42.4mm) dia.; 1 contact roller 1 7/8″ (48.3mm) dia.; 1 dust container; 1 grinding belt 3″ x 88 9/16″ (75 x 2,250mm), 36 grit type Z.
Technical data: (For operation with EQGX75 or EQGX752H)
Use Radius grinding module for exact-fit grinding of pipes, flat materials, and profiles.
Tube diameters 5/8″-3″ (16-75mm)
Max. dimensions of profile/flat material 3″ x 3″ (75 x 75mm)
Belt dimensions 3″ x 88 9/16″ (75 x 2,250mm)
Weight 119 lbs. (54kg)
Fully adjustable for angles 30° to 90°:
  • 30° / max. 1 1/2″ (37.5mm) dia.
  • 45° / max. 2 1/16″ (53.0mm) dia.
  • 60° / max. 2 9/16″ (64.5mm) dia.
  • 90° / max. 3″ (75.0mm) dia.
  • Precise coping of profiles and tubes from 5/8″-3″ (16-75mm) diameter
  • Accurate and convenient operation
  • Less burring and heat discolouration when processing stainless steel (with EQGX752H at the lower speed)
  • Maximum flexibility from compatibility with the GRIT GI series using adapters
Additional Information:
Exact fit at any angle
  • Whether the grinding involves tubes, profiles, or solid material – the EQGXR radius grinding module is ideally suited to the job. A cross slide with rapid and exact angle setting, and a vise with stainless steel jaws and unique rapid-clamping feature are standard equipment. That guarantees precise, safe grinding.
Cope tubes for a perfect fit
  • The extensive GRIT contact roller selection reliably covers all popular tube diameters. Tubes from 5/8″-3″ (16-75mm) and an approach angle of 30° to 90° can be coped to fit perfectly. Offset notches are quickly and easily accomplished.
Precise results in volume production
  • The optional length stop for the EQGXR radius grinding module ensures consistently accurate results in volume production. It is easy to retrofit and has an adjustment range of 39 3/8″ (1,000mm).
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Weight 119.000 lbs